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Maamoon Est. For Electrical Engineering was established in 1971. Maamoon is one of the leading companies in Electrical Engineering Solutions in Egypt, combining five main pillars. Our aim is to provide our customers with engineering solutions to maintain and highlight innovation, quality, and value.
Maamoon has been serving individuals, entities, and corporates for more than 45 years. Our products are well known for their high quality and affordable prices.
As we care about our customers, we focus on “After Sales Service", where a highly qualified team of sales engineers and maintenance technicians are sent to deal with any problem.
Maamoon is considered a “One Stop Shop” that offers a wide range of products with various solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and to meet their expectations.

Basic Information

  • Business Type: Import, Trading (Retail/Wholesale), Agents, Distributors, Repair & Maintenance, Light Current Contracting
  • Tax Card Number: 298-707-594
  • Registration Number: 57123
  • Year of Establishment: 1971
  • Founder Name: Eng. Mostafa Maamoon
  • Owner Name: Eng. Mohamed Mostafa Maamoon

Our History

  • 1971 Founded by Eng. Mostafa Maamoon as a workshop for repairing B/W TVs at the headquarters in Heliopolis
  • 1976 First import operation of CRTs for repairing the B/W TVs
  • 1979 The opening of the electronic components department at the headquarters
  • 1982 Became the first workshop in Egypt repairing the color TV
  • 1986 The opening of the electrical power & automation department at the headquarters
  • 1987 The opening of the computer & Networking department at the headquarters
  • 1991 The start of assembling DC regulated power supplies at the headquarters
  • 1992 The start of installing the satellite systems for both individual and group levels
  • 1995 The opening of a new branch in Bab El Look for communication systems and computer networking
  • 1996 The opening of a new branch in Emad El Deen for power electronics & automation
  • 1998 The opening of the communication systems branch at the headquarters
  • 2000 The expansion of the warehouse to reach more than 500 square meters
  • 2003 Became the agent and distributor for more than 40 companies all over the world
  • 2008 The opening of a new branch in Bab El Look for electronic components as well as the opening of a new branch in El Rehab City for communication systems
  • 2010 The opening of a new branch in 6 October for power electronics & communication systems
  • 2011 Eng. Mostafa Maamoon (The Founder) passed away at the age of 63 years and his son Eng. Mohamed Maamoon took over the business
  • 2012 The transfer of El Rehab branch from the Administrative building to the Trading Market to expand the variety of the products
  • 2015 The opening of a new department at headqaurters for LED lighting and solar energy systems
  • 2017 The powerful attendance in Solar-Tec as one of the exhibitors with the potential in Solar Energy market in Egypt
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