•Connect transmitter and receiver via CAT6/CAT7(network cable requires pure copper core) network cable break transmission limits,realize the non-destructive extension of the 60m one-to-one signal network cable.
•HDMI reaches 1080P enjoy entertainment of big screen HDMI audio/video signals over a CAT6/7 cable in stead of expensive HDMI cable in medium and built-in hign perfirmance chip achieve high-definition picture quality in long distance.
•EDID recognizes the basic parameters and attributes of the connected displays and automatically adjust to the suitable resolution(Note:if not connect to the display,it will be restored to the default EDID).
•Pure metal shell with good anti-interference and vents design fast heat dissipation,durable in use.
•Using direct HDMI to HDMI connections, avoid using signal converters/adapters at all costs.we proudly provide the best quality products and customer service.

HDMI Network Cable Extender (60m)