•HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz HD Picture Qulaity
Supports 3840x2160 resolution, bright colors and exquisite picture quality
•HDR Technology
The picture quality is close to the real environment
•HDCP 2.2 Protocol Certification
Supports playback of multiple film and television resources
•Dolby Surround Sound
Supports Dolby 5.1, 7.1 sound effects
•3D Stereo Imaging Technology
3D large screen viewing, shocking stereo visual effects
•20 Meters Long Distance Transmission
Different wire gauges, different resolutions
•Audio and Video Syncronization Transmission
No need for an additional audio cable to connect the speakers
•Button/Remote Control Switch Freely
Easily switch screens with button control
Built-in infrared long distance remote control operation
•Stable Compatibility with 5V/1A Power Supply
•Convenient Memory Function
When you disconnect and reconnect the switcher it can resume the previous playback state or progress automatically
•Aluminum Alloy Metal Shell and Gold Plated Interface
Good heat dissipation, anti-interference, wear resistance
Anti-oxidation gold plated process interface to improve signal transmission quality
•Compatible with multiple devices
•Plug and Play

HDMI Switcher 5 In 1 Out